Thailand... A place where the men : women ratio is 1:8...

In most of the places, people land up dealing with women........ Be it in BTS/MRT ticket vending counters, 7/11 shops, offices, banks, hospitals, retail vendors, street food vendors, chefs, cleaners, suppliers etc.
It can sound wrong to call, "business men" ...and sounds better to call "business women".

Since Thailand is religiously connected to India, I assumed their tradition and culture might resemble Indians.
Upon noticing closely, I realized, they have adapted few Indian ways and changed according to their comforts... One such strange tradition is Dowry/ Var Dakhshina of India which has been adapted as Vadhu Dakshina (sorry, I do not know the Thai word of vadhu dakhshina)

While talking to a friend, I learned that there is a different concept of Dowry in Thailand ... Unlike in India where girls parents needs to pay to groom for no good reason..... The Thai version of Dowry has a meaning...
The groom has to pay the bride's family to get married.. Their belief is, the guy is creating a void in the family by taking the daughter away... and by doing so, there wont be anyone to take care of girls parents at their old age... Hence the guy needs to ensure that the girls parents are well insured and secured during their old age...

For some reason, I took the concept of Thai dowry system positively..... may be coz it had a justifiable reason..
It was definitely not like the concept in India where the dowry system sounds like price tag of guy based on his education and job status!

Strange are the ways in Thailand.....but whatever it is, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about their customs and beliefs... :) ...and surely I liked the concept where women are very well considered and appreciated ..

Disclaimer: Readers please excuse me if my comments on Indian dowry system sounded rude. I dint mean to hurt anybody's feelings who still accept dowry for being born as guy in India.


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